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mandala of spiritual rebirth, ink, inking, ink on wasli paper, in process, in progress, personal mandala, spiritual potential, cultural hybrid, contemporary buddhist art, contemporary thangka painting
Mandala of Spiritual Rebirth ~ Invocation of Buddha Seed - Detail
ink on wasli paper

In Process - Detail of Central Figure

This piece is a contemporary re-imagining of a traditional thangka composition. Each individual has the potential for Buddhahood known as Buddha seed. During my experience of Kundalini Awakening I saw time as illusion and realized all beings have already achieved this potential and simultaneously exist as Enlightened Beings at one with the Universe. I had an experience of this life’s self as fulfilled divine potential. This mandala invokes that divine self in my current form, something that must be done in true humbleness before the ego clinging to illusion can be dissolved.

Sacred and personal symbols which call forth my highest self surround the figure at the center and call it into being.

A painting of this scale and complexity done in the style of thangka and Indian miniatures may take years to complete and is then embellished with gold. This black and white inking is the first step in this process.