Artist Statement

My spiritual practice is inseparable from my work as an artist. My process is a form of meditation and devotion, my reverence and attention to detail infuse the work with a strong energy and presence.

My work is a visual amalgamation reflecting my origins and experiences. The hybridization within my paintings explores ancestral, innate, formed and illusory identity. My work has Buddhist roots which are evoked through traditional thangka painting techniques and subject matter.

Creativity is in the nature of Divinity, all that is, has been, and ever will be is the Divine Universe experiencing its infinite self. When we create we begin to remember our true nature and source. Painting to me is a part of my journey to Oneness and Enlightenment. The paintings themselves exist as signposts and maps along the way, they are created for the benefit of all sentient beings with the understanding that my journey is theirs as well. Each piece is created as an offering to the Divine Universe.