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The sleeve on my right arm is the work of artist Manrique Vargas of Costa Rica, and myself. I created the design using traditional Mehndi and Henna designs from India and Manrique drew it out freehand and did about half the handpoking. I have continued working on it myself and it is a work in progress.

Eventually it will become a full sleeve, once I am past the elbow the designs will become more organic and less geometric, color will begin to be incorporated. Buddhist style flowers and foliage will crawl and bloom up my arm in full color. Three birds will fly up from this as if escaping the large part of the design resembling an old fashioned South Asian bird cage. It will commemorate my time in India and my love of the culture and art, as well as represent my overcoming many obstacles in my life.

Thank you Manrique Vargas for getting me started on this very important piece and teaching me so much.

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Mehndi Inspired Sleeve
Handpoked Tattoo